ZTE MU5001 HyperMobile 5G

The following states facts that I experienced while using the ZTE HyperMobile 5G.


The battery gets drained quite fast, but seem to be around 10% per hour. Usually 8h of usage is possible at least.

The battery gets drained while the modem is powered off too. Not as much as while operation, but battery is empty after a few days.

Battery is getting drained faster while using the web interface of the modem.

The battery is removable, but wired operation without battery is not possible.


The devies gets really hot during operation. Sometimes it stops charging because of the over heating prevention getting activated.

We observed triggering overheat protetction multiple times while hot outside temperatures, changing and continues video conferencing.


Cellular connectivity is really stable. Handover between stations works flawless even while taking the train. Full 1G throughput over 5G N78 is possible.


2.4GHz/5GHz can not be deactived seperately, but hidden. It is possible to enable an additional guest SSID.

A maximum of 30 devices can be connected concurrently.

Wired connection

There is an RJ45 LAN connection that just works. Throughput seem to cap out at 500MBit/s.

Full 1GBit/s is possible using the USB Type-C connector. On Linux the modem just shows up as a network interface and can be used without further configuration.


The modem is doing NAT for IPv4.

It requests a /64 IPv6 prefix from the provider if possible and announcing it on the local lan, giving every device a publicly reachable IPv6 address.

Touch Screen

The touch sceen can be turned on and off using the power button. The screen saver can be unlocked while touching the screen for some seconds.

The touch screen can be locked by a four digit numeric pin.

The dashboard of the touch screen displays current status about:

  • Service Provider Name
  • Cellular Connection Mode (LTE/5G)
  • Cellular Connection Quality
  • Number of connected WiFi devices
  • Amount of data transferred during the current month
  • If LAN or USB-C network is connected

You can configure your maximum data volume. How much of it is used is displayed as a progress bar on the dashboard.

You can view a list of currently connected WiFi devices. The corresponding IPv4 addresses are displayed. You can block devices by MAC address.

It is possible to set 2.4GHz/5Ghz/Guest network SSID and password seperately.

You can set the touch screen pin.

It is possible to trigger firmware updates manually.

Web Management

The web management display many technical details about the cellular connectivity.

Details showed on the web interface get updated automatically every second.

When no cellular connection is available, the web interface shows up as a captive portal in clients.


The firmware seem to be based on OpenWRT. OTA update servers can only be reached via IPv4.

There is no option to manually upload firmware via the web interface.

The modem seem to shut down after 30 days of continues uptime.

Default Credentials

Default login for web management and wifi is printed on a sticker below the battery.

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